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Turkey East Cruising Itinerary

Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas, Kekova


The Lycian Coast - Sailing south east with the prevailing winds towards Kekova. This is one of the best cruising areas in the world with many interesting historic sites and beautiful uninhabited bays.

Starting from Marmaris we sail along the spectacular coast towards the Gulf of Fethiye. On our route to Kekova we visit many different bays and ports these could include  Ekincik,   Dalyan,  Ruin Bay,  Tomb Bay,  Gocek,  22 Fathom Bay,   Fethiye,  Gemiler Island,  Kalkan,  Kas,  Kekova,  Gokaya.


Turkey East Cruising Area Marmaris to Kekova


Marmaris - in the heart of this busy tourist destination is the old town, first built by the Ionians in 1,00 BC. Perched on top is the castle rebuilt by Suleyman The Magnificent.

Ekincik - A beautiful mooring for the night.  From here you can go on a trip up the Dalyan River to see the ruins of Caunos with the amphitheatre and the rock tombs.  This is the river where the African Queen was filmed.

Dalyan Rock Tombs Lycian Coast Turkey


Gulf of Fethiye - A beautiful sheltered gulf of islands.  We may spend the night in Tomb Bay, 22 Fathom Bay, Deep Bay or one of the many others then eat ashore in the taverna where the food is cooked in the traditional way in a clay oven or over a charcoal Barbeque.  We can also visit the ports of Gocek and Fethiye.

Gemiler Island - a beautiful anchorage and the site of byzantine ruins and thought to be the site of the original tomb of Saint Nicholas.

Gemiler Island Lycian Coast Turkey


Kalkan - a jewel on the Lycian Coast, this charming old town with crystal clear water and selection of local tavernas.

Kas - Another old town only 2 miles from the eastern outpost of Europe the tiny Greek Island of Castellorizon.  

Kekova Tombs Lycian Coast Turkey

Kekova - the eastern end of this cruise.  Islands, bays and sheltered anchorages, this area has ancient ruins and stone sarcophagi everywhere you look.  The view from the castle on top of the hill is magnificent.  There are several moorings within this area and the restaurants serve authentic Turkish cuisine cooked in the traditional way.

Kekova Castle Lycian Coast Turkey

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